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Big Tex is Back !

September 26, 2013

Today marks another chapter in Dallas history - Big Tex is back. The Dallas icon returns to the State Fair of Texas today after catching fire due to an electrical malfunction at the 2012 State Fair of Texas.

Many Texas residents think fondly of Big Tex, recalling a hearty Texas-sized welcome to the State Fair of Texas. "Howdy folks" he calls out, "Welcome to the State Fair of Texas". The Big Tex icon evokes memories of cool fall weather, corn dogs, car shows, the fair's Midway rides, the annual Texas-OU football game, funnel cakes, the animal stock barns, the petting zoo, cooking demonstrations, baked goods competitions, and other State Fair of Texas events.  

The 2012 fire left standing a 52 foot tall frame, a burned out shell of the Big Tex we all knew and loved. This was shortly followed by cruel jokes about Big Tex and fried food (playing on the State Fair of Texas tradition of celebrating deep fried food - corn dogs, fried butter, fried stuffing, and many other unhealthy fried delicacies unique to the State Fair of Texas).

In honor of his return, the citizens of Texas are holding a Big Tex haiku contest (see below).

Big Tex returned today, arising from the ashes like the fabled Phoenix. He sports a facelift and a new set of clothing. It took all year to create him and Dallas citizens cheered his return. Long live Big Tex, and long live the great State of Texas!

Old Big Tex (Prior to 2013)

Old Big Tex - Prior to 2013 (Photo by Carol M. Highsmith (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)

In honor of his return, Big Spark Media is hosting a Big Tex haiku contest. Yes - a haiku.

Tweet your Big Tex haiku. The contest winner will be highlighted by Big Spark Media on Twitter.

Contest rules:

1) Tweet your Big Tex Haiku.

2) Use the hashtag #BigTexHaiku after the haiku (to enter the contest)

3) Extra credit for...
    a) using hashtag#BigSparkMedia
    b) mentioning @BigSparkMedia on Twitter
    c) following @BigSparkMedia on Twitter

4) Super extra credit for using a 3 a, b, and c !

5) Extra credit for the most retweets, favorites and mentions. 

6) If you can't do a haiku, fake it and try some pseudo-haiku or other form of poetry. 

7) Have fun with it, be creative, make it hilarious and keep it clean!


Contest closes for entries on the last day before the State Fair of Texas 2015 closes. Big Spark Media will announce the contest winner on the last day of the Sate Fair of Texas 2015.

Here are some starter entries from Big Spark Media to get you thinking...

Fried foods.
Make mutant man, no knees.
Big Tex 2013.
#BigTexHaiku #BigSparkMedia 

Lady liberty.
Text me. Statue love.
Big Tex.
#BigTexHaiku #BigSparkMedia  

Howdy folks.
Eat corn dogs, fair fun.
Big Tex
#BigTexHaiku #BigSparkMedia  

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