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Brother, Could You Spare a Lead?

A recession is the right time for online innovation.

Usually the beginning of a year is filled with positive predictions of health, wealth and the optimism.  But with the economy in weak state, things look like they may get worse before they get better.  This harkens back the Great Depression era when the anthem “Brother, could you spare a dime?” hit the top of the charts.   Or, in this age, business owners looking for new customers might sing the blues, “Brother, could you spare a lead?”

The global economy will get improve. A year or more from now, the recession will be past us. Like spring after winter, growth will return to the economy. Only businesses that are prepared for the growth will benefit.  And those businesses are investing in customer acquisition through online customer communitiessearch engine optimization and online marketing innovation.

The natural reaction for any business is to "batten down the hatches" during a recession - to focus on cost cutting and running lean - to survive as the prime objective. But there's a significant problem with this approach. Businesses don't simply have to survive to grow - they have to grow to stay viable. A business that makes it to the end of the recession unprepared for the post-recession growth may fail after all.

Whether your business is using the latest technology or not, the lesson should be clear: The recession of 2009 is a great time to innovate. Competitors will batten down the hatches, effectively stopping their innovation and hibernating, shivering in the frigid economy. There's never been a better time to prepare for growth - and, in doing so, to get a leg up on your competition.

Sometime in the next year, the recession will end. A spring thaw will appear as companies emerge from the economic winter.  Some companies will emerge alive, but thinner and weaker. A few - including some that have invested in their website and used it to market to new customers will be stronger, faster and better. These firms are the ones that will benefit from the rebound growth after the recession. Which companies will be the rebound winners?

Big Spark Media is prepared to make your organization one of the winners.

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