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Interact With This! Emerging Trends in Web Design

Web design is constantly evolving.  Web innovation occurs at a torrid pace - often more quickly than web designers can keep up.  The website designed for the internet 2-4 years ago can be out of sync with how people interact online.  Web designers re-design online websites, e-stores and web access tools to take advantage of new methods that allow users to interact online in a more natural manner.

Optimized for mobile. Growing numbers of people use their mobile phones and mobile devices to access the internet.  Online destinations that are optimized for the mobile user have a higher user retention.  Optimizing for mobile includes design for smaller screens, efficient download of graphics, mobile access to content and other items to help the mobile user access the site.

Rich user interfaces. Less text and more images that allow users to interact in an intuitive way.  Yoday's websites have graphics, icons and buttons that change when clicked or animated when moused-over.

Use video. The growth of broadband allows users to more easily view full video without waiting for the video to download. Videos entertain and engage users to tell a story or to communicate a need for a product or service.

Large typography.  Font sizes more than 36 pixels in height.  Non-standard fonts and typography that give a website a customized look and feel.

Large, vibrant graphics.  Illustrations, photos and website backgrounds with textures to communicate a specific sense or feeling.

Social media.  Icons connecting users to social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and RSS feeds.  These icons allow users to make a conection between their social media tools and the website.

Social bookmarking. Icons allowing users to bookmark site pages to social bookmarking services such as Digg, Delicious, reddit and Stumbleupon.  These services allow users to share interesting articles, stories and web pages with others.

Multi-column layouts. Sites with much content make it easier for users to explore with information in short, compact columns.  The columns give users a brief overview of content with appropriate white space to give the eyes a rest.

More white space. Google was a leader in designing a web space with a simple interface and lots of white space.  The increased size of screens and improved web design practices have allowed users to have more comfortable experience with lots of room for eyes drawn to key website elements.

Site templates for different users. Web designers allow different users to have a different online experience by using different templates based on their user type.  Websites have different templates for users with different backgrounds - by country, by age, by sex and other attributes of a user's profile.

Community and connected-ness. Websites allow more online user profiles, user photos and user-generated content through communities and interconnections.  Users can share more of their experiences online with user reviews, comments and forums where users can interact with the website and with one another.  Websites allow users to post comments for all to see and allow for a richer, more shared social experience.

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