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The Great American Eclipse


The Great American Eclipse 2017 is on August 21, 2017. The total eclipse of the sun (sun totally eclipsed by the moon) follows a viewing path from the northwest United States to the southeast United States on eclipse day. The "path of totality" (path where the sun is completely eclipsed) across the United States is roughly 70 miles wide, moving from a the northwest in Oregon to the southeast in South Carolina. The path of totality is where the umbra occurs (the umbra is the dark core of the shadow by the moon onto the earth's surface).

Most Americans will be able to witness a partial eclipse, even though they are not in the viewing "path of totality" for the solar eclipse. Schools and organizations hold watch parties for this significant celestial event.

A solar eclipse is an event where the moon moves between the earth and the sun, and thus blocks the view of the sun as seen from the earth.

Keep your eyes safe during the eclipse - never look directly at the sun. See the suggested apparatus (below) to safely view a projection of the solar eclipse.

Eclipse Maps


Eclipse Activities

  • Eclipse Watching Parties

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